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Ali Farag chosen as chief of squash men players

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Ali Farag chosen as chief of squash men players

Мнениеот makaralove » 25 Дек 2017, 10:52

Ali Farag, Egyptian Wadi Degla player who is also ranked third in PSA World Series rankings and a Squash U.S. Open title holder, is chosen to be the chief of squash men players and their representative in the Professional Squash Association (PSA). Faragสโบเบทsucceeds the English legend James Willstrop, the former squash player ranked first, to be the new president for the next six years. "I am proud of my candidacy and my election as the chief of squash men players and I represent them and I think that the game is going in the right direction and that the Egyptian squash players are on a steady pace to strengthen their position in this international game and to emphasize Egypt's global squash leadership," Ali Farag said. Ziyad El-Turky, head of the Egyptian Squash Association, congratulated the Egyptian player for takingสโบเบทover the position and expressed his happiness and looked forward to working with him throughout his presidency.สโบเบท
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