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Film Room: Quenton Nelson pass blocking vs

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Film Room: Quenton Nelson pass blocking vs

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San Francisco 49ers Youth Jordan Wilkins Jersey , Preseason Week 3 Throughout the preseason, Quenton Nelson has showed some very positive attributes. His biggest pass blocking strengths have been showing a strong anchor and winning battles any time he is able square up a defender. His biggest weakness has been battling lateral quickness, particularly when he doesn’t have a chance to get his paws on the defender immediately.We will close out our Week 3 look at Nelson’s performance by examining his pass blocking from the weakest to strongest snaps against the 49ers.This is an example of Nelson’s primary weakness as a pass blocker. When he does not engage a defender early in the snap, he is susceptible to losing against speed. He will need to continue working to improve this area of his game to become an elite pass blocker. There are plenty of starting defensive linemen in the NFL who have the combination of strength and speed needed to exploit this weakness during the regular season.Here, Nelson is left to simply grab at the defender’s jersey to keep Luck from getting killed.This is one of the funnier holds I have ever seen breaking down film. The defensive lineman gains leverage with a bull rush right off of the snap. Nelson is able to stymie his progress into the backfield but as he does the defender leaps into the air — in an attempt to potentially bat down a Luck pass. When the defender lands, his legs get tangled up with Nelson, who realizes he is going to go down. Rather than allow the defensive lineman get free, Nelson tackles him to the ground.There was no holding called on the play but Nelson clearly got away with one here.One of Nelson’s best pass blocking attributes is his ability to anchor and keep pressure from coming right into the face of the quarterback. He is attempting to do the same on this play but takes a shot from the defender into his face-mask. This is illegal use of the hands, hands to the face and should have been a penalty. It wasn’t though, and the result is Brissett throwing a quick release to Nyheim Hines — who is summarily crushed.This play demonstrates what you will most often see from Nelson in terms of his anchor and strength on the line. Coming directly into his grasp is almost always a losing proposition. The only effective bull rushes I’ve seen of Nelson have included hands locked out on his shoulder pads or illegal hands to his face.If you don’t achieve one of those two objectives, you’re going to lose.This is another example where the defender comes directly into Nelson and then tries to navigate out of the block. This isn’t going to happen. Once Nelson is in a defender’s chest and the initial impact is established, the defender is pretty much done.As we acknowledged in the ground game, one of Nelson’s best attributes as an offensive lineman is the ability to quickly diagnose how to address oncoming defenders. He efficiently passes off the first defender to Haeg on the outside and moves back to the inside to thwart the stunt. Here is another example of incredible vision and quick reaction by Nelson. This kind of awareness will make life much easier for Luck in 2018. Nelson dismisses the initial burst from the defensive lineman and pass him inside to Kelly and Braden Smith. He recognizes the stunt and moves back to the outside to take over for Le’Raven Clark, freeing him to slide outside and get a body on the stunting defensive end.If the offensive line can establish continuity and communicate like this in the regular season, it will bode well for the Colts passing offense.This is easily my favorite play from Nelson this year. What you’re watching here is All Pro level, rare offensive line play. Note that Nelson identifies that his defender is heading to the inside. He gets a push to pass him off and simultaneously identifies pressure coming from the outside. You can see his head turn at the pause. What makes him a very rare athlete for his size Womens Jack Doyle Jersey , and such a tremendous offensive line prospect, is what he does next.Nelson explodes back toward the outside pressure to help Joe Haeg. Good thing he does because Haeg is getting driven back into Luck’s blind side. Braden Smith gets completely demolished on the bull rush to his right, making Luck leave the pocket anyway, but this is a long first down run for Luck that was made possible by Quenton Nelson. If Nelson isn’t on the Colts, this is likely a sack or strip sack.ANALYSISQuenton Nelson is a phenomenal offensive line prospect. He is not without his flaws and will have areas he needs to improve throughout the early portions of his career but if he can stay healthy, he will be an absolutely dominant force. Nelson does things that very few offensive linemen do. He does those things because very few offensive linemen are aware enough to even realize they should do those things, and of those that do, even fewer are athletically gifted enough to do them in the first place. This was the best all around film Nelson has put together in his young career, which is a great sign for the Indianapolis Colts as the team prepares to start the regular season.Colts vs Bengals: Week one snap counts The tendency after the first week of the regular season is to overreact about everything. There is nothing wrong with drawing conclusions from the first week of the season, but ultimately we have to keep things in perspective. The same is true for examining the snap counts. Now that we’re into the regular season, they can tell us a lot more than they did in the preseason. However, we have to take things with a grain of salt and understand that there will be changes that impact things going forward. Let’s take a look at the snap counts and see if there is anything interesting to be learned.Offense#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercentNotesThe first thing that jumps out to me here is the continuity across the offensive line. They were able to keep these guys on the field for every offensive snap, save the one J’Marcus Webb missed. That is unusual in itself, but whoever is freed up when Castonzo returns, it looks like they’ll have 6 guys they trust to play significant snaps.Ryan Grant is the clear number 2 receiver.He played 18 more offensive snaps than Chester Rogers, and looked solid doing it. On the offensive side Womens Adam Vinatieri Jersey , Reich does everything he does to create matchup problems, so it will be interesting to see if this is flexible week-to-week depending on the defenses they face. For that one guy who keeps trying to convince everyone that Christine Michael is going to light up this roster, this pretty clearly illustrates what the coaching staff thinks of him. On a day where the team was missing Marlon Mack, he got just 3 snaps.Jack Doyle was in on 77 snaps, which seems like a lot because he was somewhat invisible early. That isn’t totally shocking because the tight ends were needed to help aid the offensive line against a solid pass rush. Still, it surprised me, because I expected to see that he had slightly lower numbers.Defense#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercentNotesIf Clayton Geathers had been experiencing any lingering issues with injury, those are gone. He was in on every defensive snap, and 9 on special teams. Only Kenny Moore was on the field more for the defense.Malik Hooker was in on 40 snaps, which can’t really be thought of as a “pitch count” because it is a pretty significant workload. However, when you have a guy as talented as Matthias Farley backing him up, it doesn’t bother them to give Hooker a break. Najee Goode surprisingly saw just 7 defensive snaps. When bemoaning any play of the linebackers, remember this: the three linebackers who got the majority of the snaps in this game entered the game with a combined 10 games of NFL experience. This is a young group with a ton of potential. Pierre Desir had no snaps on defense. That might be the most surprising find of all for me, personally. He had just 9 special teams snaps to his credit, even with Quincy Wilson in a club/cast.Special Teams#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent
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