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I have heard about this book

I have heard about this book

Мнениеот ylq » 16 Окт 2018, 04:53

I have heard about this book "Notre Dame de Paris". In the summer of the third year, I was filled with curiosity and newness. After reading this novel with great interest, I really felt a lot.is a famous description of human beauty and ugliness. The story takes place on a medieval April Fool's Day Newport Cigarettes Price. On that day Marlboro Gold, the ugly ugly Kasimodo performed singing and dancing in the square. A gypsy girl named Esmeralda attracted the pedestrians. She was beautiful and beautiful. this time, the deputy leader of the Notre Dame de Paris, Crowder? Floro was fascinated by the beautiful Melada. He burned the fire of lust in his heart and fell in love with her. So he instructed Quasimodo, who was so ugly, to snatch Esmeralda. On the way, the French King's bow and arrow captain, Fitz, saved Esmeralda and seized Quasimodo. He took the bell to the square and whipped, and the kind-hearted Gypsy girl did not count the former hatred, but sent water to Casimo. Although the bell is ugly and his heart is pure and noble, he is very grateful to Esmeralda and fell in love with her. Innocent Esmeralda fell in love with Febis at first sight. When they were dating, Floro quietly followed behind him Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Out of jealousy, he stabbed the bisex with a knife and fled. Emesrada was sentenced to death for being framed by Ferrolo. At the execution, Quasimodo robbed Esmeralda from the gallows and hid in the Notre Dame de Paris. The masses rushed into the church to save Esmeralda and mistakenly fight Casimodo. Smeralda was rushed to the Notre Dame by the army led by Crowder Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Finally, Quasimodo slammed Crowder down from the top floor of the church, and finally Casimo caressed the body of Esmeralda. Lyrical. appearance of Quasimodo is ugly. "The tetrahedral nose, the horseshoe-shaped mouth, the small left eye blocked by the thatched brown eyebrows, the right eye completely covered by a large tumor, the upper and lower rows are incomplete. Like a castle scorpion like a mess into the teeth, but he knows how to be grateful, but also can do anything for his beloved, his heart is still so kind. The young Esmeralda is kind, fresh and simple, and is a girl without any heart. Ferrolo, on the surface, is a high-ranking lord, but the heart is also eager to have an unforgettable feeling, but in the back because of the lack of Esmeralda's heart, love and hate, making all kinds of morality The thing is really disgusting. These three are the most distinctive characters in the book. The first two are representatives of the United States, and the latter one is the symbol of ugliness. Of course, the book also describes many numb people, such as the Furbis, the bottom of the few hidden women like the mouse hole, and the ignorant and ignorant people on the street, can be considered a symbol of ugliness.
r watching "Notre Dame de Paris", the most is the sympathy for Casimodo, his integrity and simplicity have deeply touched me. He was abandoned because of his deformity and was adopted by the assistant teacher. He did not leave the church when he grew up. He has never received a little love from others, but his heart is very different from his appearance. He yearns for beauty and love. However, Esmeralda is too good. For him, Esmeralda is a goddess, high above, and definitely not a stain. He began to feel inferior, pain, and his love brought him pain. But their love transcends life and death, and God finally gives them a world of love. The final outcome is exactly what the article is, and it is my favorite. contrast, I think Ferrolo is also a very sad person. The young and beautiful Esmeralda put him in love but it was out of control, but this feeling developed to the back and made him enchanted, the more he loved hate, just wanted to destroy her, never consider her, even It is a ridiculous clown that has framed the kindness of Esmeralda Cigarettes Online. deputy bishop and Quasimodo formed a sharp contrast in human nature. They also fell in love with the beautiful girl. They were also rejected. Their love is so warm, so sincere, but one is possession, one It is dedication, possession, and when the purpose cannot be achieved, he thinks of destroying and destroying others; for the purpose of giving, when it is impossible to give, the thought is to destroy and destroy oneself. book Notre Dame de Paris has benefited me a lot. It tells me that there is no god in this world, and there is no divinity. No one is perfect, everyone has a flaw. No one is completely sensible, with more or less human madness. This is a contest of justice and evil, beauty and ugliness, purity and filth. It is a grotesque and bloody love tragedy picture, and a history book of up to the king of Louis X. In Notre Dame de Paris, the author describes the people, the wanderers and the shackles of the lowest level in Paris with great compassion. They are ragged and rude, but they have far better virtues than those in the so-called educated and civilized world. Mutual help and love, the courage of being upright and courageous.
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