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There is only one language class today

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There is only one language class today, and it is incredible that the teacher asks the students to give lectures. The four people are: Zhang Yurou, Zheng Yufu, Lu Kaihui and Feng Zhirui. All have a talented tutorial.is the first student lecture in the class, they are very nervous. The teacher said: ����Who��s standing in the middle Newport Cigarettes Coupons, don��t talk to the side. "The three of them are all on the side, Feng Zhirui has not responded, and he can only be a "little teacher".is "naughty ghost" actually asked me to read the reading tips above. Some students also inserted a sentence: "How can I name it? I should raise my hand to speak Newport Cigarettes Website." I had to listen to the "Little Teacher" and read the prompt again. After reading, "Little Teacher" said: "Sit down. Please read the text again." When we were ready to read, the teacher interjected: "Why let us read?" The whole class suddenly laughed. The teacher also reminded: "You should read with questions." Feng Zhirui said: "Oh! Please find the main sentence in the text, and summarize the main content according to the text." We started reading, my speed when reading It is obviously slower. After reading it, I still read more than half a bit. "Please summarize the main content, Tao Pingchuan." Feng Zhirui actually named again. Tao Pingchuan spoke a little bit. "Sit down." "Little teacher" said, "Who else has said? Well, Chen Jinjing." Chen Jinjing raised his hand. She said the main content, Feng Zhirui immediately wrote on the blackboard. The teacher said in the audience: "Don't let Feng Zhirui say that he has said it for ten minutes." After that, Lu Kaihui immediately wrote the answer..o my work. As long as we master the knowledge in our studies, it is not so difficult to be a teacher.If you don't experience the wind and rain, how can you see the rainbow, no matter what you do, you can only succeed if you work hard.
cess, this is a word that someone has, some people are imaginary, and at that moment, I really feel third grade, I was very afraid to raise my hand Cigarette Online. I didn��t dare to raise my hand when I was in class. I was worried that I couldn��t speak well. Because of this, the teacher always asked me to answer questions, and I always said that I couldn��t say it. Finally, one day I was called to the office. The teacher said to me: "You have to speak boldly, you are wrong, the teacher will not say you." I just hesitated and nodded. In the next class, I still don't. Dare to raise your hand, gradually, I found that this is not the case, do not raise your hand, how to understand knowledge? So every day I went home, I added another homework to myself: I read the text to my mom and dad. When I first started reading, my voice was not very loud. I didn��t read the land very much. Later, at my mother��s proposal, I only read my voice a little bigger and have a little bit of feeling, so day after day, one day, my mother said to me: "Today, your aunt is coming, you read to her, and by the way help you improve yourself. Improve my courage." I nodded timidly. This is the first time I have studied for someone other than my parents. Soon, my aunt came, and my mother handed the book to me. I feel that my heart is coming out. I nervously picked up the book, my mouth seems to be blocked by something, and I can��t make a sound at all. I bite my teeth and read it very hard Cigarettes For Sale. The sound is small like a mosquito, I am jealous. My mother and aunt, they are smiling at me, it seems that a pair of warm hands pulled me out of the tense situation, leading me to the light, slowly, the more I read, the more energetic, and no longer afraid, I can't help myself. Emotional read aloud again, because now I have understood that a person in the face of their fears, we must believe in yourself move forward in order to achieve the final victory. When I put down the book in my hand, my mother and the aunt suddenly applauded for me. "It��s really good to read." Aunt said, my heart was sweet like honey Marlboro Gold Pack, really, then I understood. Is the feeling of success! courage was getting bigger and bigger. In an open class, the teacher asked a question, but none of the classmates answered it. The teacher��s eyes were anxiously moving among the classmates. I raised my hand with confidence. The teacher smiled slightly, and I fluently won everyone��s applause., my reading was also affirmed by everyone. Yes, only after the storm, there is a rainbow, and there is success. On the wide land, I am shouting at the sky: I am successful!