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How to Dunk at NBA 2k19 from nba2king

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How to Dunk at NBA 2k19 from nba2king

Мнениеот Mmoak2018 » 20 Юли 2018, 10:31

There are plenty of approaches to score in NBA 2k19, however, dunking is among the few movements that you'll never get tired of visiting. Rocking the rim with a monstrous dunk will definitely get your performance included in the NBA 2K Coins game's highlight plays. So, how exactly do you do a dunk?

Generally, you can dunk by sprinting towards the basket (R2 for PS4, RT for Xbox One, ZR for Change) and moving the shot stick in any direction or pressing the shooter button (square for PS4, X for Xbox OneY and Y for Change). If you use the shot rod, you can pick from an assortment of dunk animations based on the direction of your shot stick. For instance, moving the shot to the other side of the basket will create your player play a flashy dunk, while moving it towards the basket will make your character perform a two-handed dip. Proceed the shooter stick to the left or right side whilst forcing to perform a left or right-handed dunk.

Ake note that player stats issue from NBA 2k19. Your character needs a high enough dunk stat to perform a dip; if not, he'll probably execute a layup instead. Furthermore, players that have a high enough Reputation Dunk rating can perform a dunk even if they are not moving towards the basket. Last, the very best of the best can dip over defenders.

While dunks just score you two points, NBA 2K19 MT is undoubtedly a challenging shot to contest for defenders. Furthermore, getting fouled while dunking grants you a three-point chance, if you land the dunk and the free throw shooter.
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Re: How to Dunk at NBA 2k19 from nba2king

Мнениеот Geosynle » 01 Ное 2018, 10:45

Your knowledge is amazing. I like to read the comments of everyone.
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